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Myland Nature Hotel has 13 rooms in a 4.5 hectare certificated organic fruit garden.You can pick the fruits and taste the garden products at the breakfast. We make guided garden tours to show 30 kinds of fruit trees and herbs.You can prepare your herbal teas.

All the rooms have WC, shower, hot water, towels, hair drier and hot/cold air conditioning. 8 rooms have one double and one single bed. 6 rooms have one double and two single bunk beds. A barbecue, fireplace, bar and restaurant is in the garden. For cool temperatures, covered and open restaurants with fireplaces available.

Clear Mediterranean Sea is 100 mt. away from our hotel. You can use free umbrellas and deckchairs with mattresses for sunbathing, have trips around the village with our bicycles and use the wireless Internet. We have a multi-language library and games.

. All levels welcome. We're planning photography lessons and shows, painting lessons, dance, yoga and meditation workshops... so pack your dia positives, painting equipment and dancing shoes... A 90 m2 wooden art center is at your service. We have also table tennis, guitar, ceramic mud, TV and DVD.


Turkish Cusine is one of the richest in the world. You can try some traditionally prepared home cooking food. Here are some examples:

Cold dishes with olive oil like saksuka, humus, fava, wrapped wine leaves (if you don't know what is this, be sure that you will love it when you try). different soups, seafood, salads, vegetable pies, 100 types of aubergine, cheese and meat rolls, sea fish, barbecued meat and different deserts every day.


After graduated from Middle East Technical University/Management Dept. in Ankara and Istanbul Universities/Finance Dept. in Istanbul, we started working in finance business for private sector in Istanbul.

We fell in love with Cirali when we first saw it in 1989 and decided to live there. We spent 10 years to find a suitable place in Cirali and saved money to buy it. When we found Myland Nature property, we quit our jobs and moved to Cirali. Our English, German and medium level of French help us to communicate with our guests.

This is a escape story from the exhausting life of big metropolis like Istanbul. We are spending almost all our money and energy, gaining time to spare for ourselves, new friends and peace. We believe everyone can achieve their dreams if they really want to...

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