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1. Day

Trekking to a small hill with the panoramic view of the bay and Olympos antic city. It's possible to go to Olympos by the beach or from the hill just behind the beach. From Myland to the ruins, you can walk in 20 minutes. If you prefer the hard way and go from the hill, you can take some nice photos of the bay.
It's recommended to take a ride along the village. This will take around 1 hour by bike.

2. Day

Trekking to Ulupinar from Chimera
Distance from Myland Hotel to Chimera ticket office around 3 km and to the fire 20 min. of climbing.
If you like Myland minibus may take and pick you up from Chimera. If you like trekking, there is another flame area 100 mt above the first part and if you continue walking 2-3 hours more, you'll reach the cool Ulupınar village famous with its restaurants situated on the river.
Better to go to Chimera at night, Ulupınar in the morning. For Chimera you'll need trekking shoes and a light (possible to rent from ticket office)

3. Day

There are daily boat tours organized by villagers almost everyday in high season. 10.30 departure - 17.00 back. Lunch served on board.

4. Day

Goynuk Canyon or Koprulu Canyon for white water rafting
Drive 40 min to Antalya direction and turn left to Goynuk Canyon. Leave the car at the entrance of the canyon and walk 20 min. Here is the refreshing and beautiful river. Partly swimming, partly walking you can go around 3 hours if you have the right equipment.
Koprulu Canyon is about 3 hours away from Ciraliby car, tiring but still possible to make a day trip.

5. Day

Discovery of mountain villages
If you like to go a bit away from the sea coast and see mountain villages like Beycik, Elmali, or Ucoluk,you need to drive approximately 1-2 hours max. All the villages became touristy and occupied by cement houses recently, still they are cool and offer nice views.
Its possible to climb to Mountain Tahtali in a day trip, drive to Beycik and park your car, follow the lycian way signs red and white up to the summit. Not an easy trek but the view is beautiful. Or simply go by cable car to the top in 20 min. Main station is 15 min drive from Phaselis.There are also jeep safaries.

6. Day

Myra, St Nicholas,Aricanda (optional) and Sunken City boat tour.
One of the best spots of Mediterrane. Trip organized by Myland. Starts at 8.30 ends at 20.00 apprx. 1.5 hour of driving to Demre, visiting Myra ruins and Aricanda (optional) taking the boat to beautiful bays of kekova and sunken city, lunch at Kekova Island.

7. Day

There are 23 ready routs for rock climbers in Cirali and Olympos. If you are a beginner and dont have your equipment there are courses in Olympos. For divers there are daily diving trips in Adrasan.

8. Day

Trekking to Maden & Tekirova and Phaselis antic city (Lycian way)
Please ask Pinar or Engin for different paths and maps of Lycian way.

9. Day

If you like local bazaars like me, you can join our shopping trips to Kumluca on Friday, to Kemer on Monday. There are two touristic but clean and nice hammams in Kemer and Olympos. Please ask for reservation.
If you want just to stay in the hotel , we have indoor activities like table tennis and ceramic, for music people an org, a guitar and flute and every morning yoga at 8.00 at Myland yoga studio with Pınar then have nice oil massage.

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